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  • Calming Pet Bed
  • Calming Pet Bed
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  • Calming Pet Bed
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Calming Pet Bed

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For pets who love to curl up in a safe and cosy bed

🐶 CALMING BED FOR DOGS & CATS - Ease pet anxiety and create a sense of security. Our donut shaped, round bed with luxurious soft faux fur and high walls is perfect for pets who love to curl up in a safe and cosy bed.

🐱 PET SAFE - Breathable, vegan, non-toxic materials are great for hot Aussie summers and give warmth in the cool winters. Super soft premium filling, acts as a cosy cat or dog pillow to support needs of sensitive or orthopaedic aged pets.

🐩 BEAUTIFUL COLOURS - Whether you're looking for a cat bed or dog bed, we all look for a pet bed with natural colours that can blend into your home decor.

😺 FOR CATS AND DOGS - Suits furry friends of all sizes. With 50cm, 60cm and 70cm diameters, this pet bed will cater well for kittens, cats, puppies, small dogs, medium dogs.

💧 WASHABLE DOG BED - Minimise pet odours from adventurous dogs with removable, replaceable and washable covers and fill. The smart base, has a two layered zip system which allows you to separate the cover, base and walls.


Product Care:
We recommend hand washing. For machine wash, use the following care tips: Remove inner stuffing surrounding the bed and the base via the two zip system. Wash separately using a COLD, DELICATES setting and use a dryer IMMEDIATELY in a LOW HEAT, DELICATES setting until dry. To prevent fur matting, do not air dry.

Not suitable for dogs with excessive teething or chewing behaviour.

Sizes (Outside Diameter): 50cm (Small), 60cm (Medium), 70cm (Large)

Please allow 1-3cm measurement deviation.


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