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Our Values

  • We think we can support the earth more with simple changes to our everyday lifestyle choices
  • We think better sustainable lifestyle choices are achieved by forming new habits supported by innovative products
  • We think we can provide Australians with better options than already exist today
  • We believe no product can be 100% sustainable in all respects.
  • We think when you make a choice of something more sustainable, you’re prioritising
  • some aspects of sustainability and compromising on others.
  • We believe if people are informed of the choices they make and thus what they are
  • prioritising, then they are making a transparent decision
  • We think that many people making just small habitual changes can have a greater
  • immediate impact than few people making large changes
  • We think that large systematic changes will be made after the majority make the
  • small habitual changes
  • We think we all need to broaden our understanding and learn more about
  • sustainability from knowledge experts
  • We want to support educational channels that allow knowledge experts to inform us
  • and our community on all aspects of sustainability