Pet Products for Purpose

Zenify Pets

Our mission is to support the Australian pet causes our customers care about through their everyday purchases of Zenify Pets products

Zenify Pets is not an ordinary brand, we are a profits for purpose brand.

We engage with our passionate pet community and provide products that support more special moments with our pets. We donate a portion of every purchase to support causes that are close to the hearts of the people purchasing our products.

This way, a purchase through Zenify is also supporting causes who are making a difference to pets lives in Australia.

We’ve chosen this direction of Zenify Pets because we want to make this world a better place and we want to achieve it by supporting the causes that are important to our customers and community.

We want to inspire others to do the same so that collectively we can all make a material difference.

Zenify Extendable Dog Car Seat Belt

🐶 VEHICLE SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR PET — You want a safe and comfortable journey for you and your dog or puppy. This extendable bungee seat belt prevents them from jumping around in the car. Strap them in with the rest of the family, whilst allowing them to sit, stand and lie down comfortably. No need to put your...

Zenify Pet Fur Grooming Glove

🐶 REMOVE LOOSE FUR, DIRT AND DUST GENTLY — These one-size-fits-all grooming brush mitts are essential for taking care of the fur of dogs, cats and most furry pets. Fur can quickly become tangled if not brushed regularly and can lead to a build-up of dirt and dust. With the Zenify pet grooming mitt, you can brush out excess fur,...

Zenify Heavy Duty Dog Car Seat Belt

🐶 PROVIDES SAFETY FOR YOUR PET -- This heavy duty seat belt will provide your dog or puppy with a safe and comfortable journey in your car. No need to put your pooch in the boot of the car, you can now strap them in with the rest of the family.  🐶 FITS MOST SIZES -- This sturdy pet seat...

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